Stavroulla Neokleous

Co-Founder & Owner

The co-founder and co-owner of Wilton Confectioneries LTD is Mrs Stavroulla Neocleous. She was born and raised in Limassol, Cyprus. Since the age of 9, she started working in many different industries during her summer vacation from school. She always loved arts & crafts subjects as she was passionate about creating something out of thin air. Upon graduating from high school, she started studying as a flight attendant. In 1986, along with partner and husband Christakis, they co-founded Wilton Confectioneries LTD. Her passion and determination always kept pushing her to drive the marketing and operational aspects of the company. After years of experience running the show, she also went back to acquire a Business Management & Marketing degree. She is as compassionate and as honest as a person can be. In her free time, she loves being around her grandchildren and family. A brush and paint never leave her arms, as she is lost in her creativity, relaxing and enjoying it. She does share a similar interest with her husband, in spending time in the family RV away from town.

Favourite Product: Citrus Pudding